Refreshed & Refreshing


Max B.


"Incredibly friendly & prompt service"

“Everyone at this location was respectful of social distancing and disinfection practices. The ambiance is unbeatable. The winter room we stayed in had an incredibly soft bed and a Jacuzzi with a shower nozzle. Bring your own food to make or buy some from one of the local restaurants. This town is so friendly that in the middle of a global pandemic the shop owner across the street invited us over for his fourth of July barbecue with live music. If you are looking for a weekend getaway look no further.”

Kimber M.


"This cozy place felt incredibly comfortable"

“Impeccably clean and beautifully appointed. I stayed in the Winter room. Each room has a theme. I opted for the spa bath that was PERFECT in every way. There is a pool table with assorted CDs for a little indoor entertainment. Laurie was very kind. So glad I chose this place. I would go back a million times.

Edgar W.


"What a wonderful place to stay"

“I booked online not knowing what I was getting into and I could not be happier that I ended up here at Creekstone. Everyone is so warm and helpful the facility is clean and welcoming you would never be sorry for coming here. It feels like home.”
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